5 Steps To Get More Viewers On twitch

Twitch has become a trendy live streaming platform, especially for players. In 2020, interest in Twitch increased thanks to many bored players who were at home during the quarantine. The world can open slowly, but Twitch remains popular on the platform with 9.2M active streamers on monthly basis. The streamer with the highest assessment is Ninja, who was 18 years old.

3 million subscribers at the instance. Of course, the vast majority of these 9 million streamers cannot claim that they have 16 million subscribers. Many cannot even count on 16 people who stream them, there don’t seem to stream much point without an audience. You could also play alone.

Some streamers highlight this problem. There are too many other people to win an audience organically. Instead, you have to make a conscious attempt to build a supporter. And as soon as you come to where you have a core trailer, it is much easier to build a followers community from there.

How do you get more viewers on Twitch? Here are our tips for the gradual transition from an ordinary newcomer to someone with a well-known name and a positive reputation and while chatting other channels.

How to bring more viewers to Twitch:

1. Insight to see your friends and family watch

One of the simplest ways to get viewers for their first current victory is the invitation of people they know in real life to observe their channel. Unless you are players (or like to see Twitch), you probably can’t stay forever. But it is a good way to build the number of viewers in their first streams, so that they have someone on their channel with which they can speak. With this idea you will also get real followers on Twitch.

I know streamer even invited her parents to treat each other. It reminds me of the days that Mama and Dad saw football matches at school. Is that not healthy? Are there people in their lives who are willing to support them in the early days of streaming to help them get started? This can be family, colleagues, classmates, friends.

The goal is to support some people from the start, so that new viewers who encounter are not the only ones they visit. The first viewers of your channel are the most difficult to reach.

2. Stream games with less channels and more viewers

The opportunities are against you when you plan to stream games with hundreds of other streamers. It is also unlikely that you will encourage new viewers when you play a practically unknown game in a category with few or no viewers. I think you have to stream the games you want to play, but it is true that there are games that stream better if one of your priorities is higher. you want

Search for game categories with fewer live channels and a large number of viewers. This reduces “competition” and makes you more visibility on the Twitch platform. It is difficult for Twitch viewers to be discovered, but if someone has to navigate hundreds of other channels to get to theirs, they will not do that.

3. Study the competition

As soon as you have decided which game you want to play and are ready to become one of the nearly 9.5 million streamers from Twitch, it is time to learn from the competition. The best way to do this is to go to the “Search” tab in the top left corner of the page and to search for their play under “Categories”.

Twitch fill the page with all streamers who stream this title. You can filter based on the number of viewers from the lowest to the highest and vice versa. You will first notice the similarities between channels with zero viewers, because they are more or less themselves, no images, no interactions and even not cameras.

As soon as you have learned what to do, your results will evaluate up and down to determine everything the top streamer does one of the best ways to get views on Twitch.

4. Interaction with your audience

Although they are one of the best players there are, most Twitch fans expect them to entertain them and give them continuous feedback while playing. For this reason it is extremely important to have the right microphone for streaming. A Twitch is ultimately about respecting your viewers and offering a valuable experience to involve them, to encourage them to come back later.

Twitch has even added a response function for chats, so that members of the community can even communicate with each other. If you add your overlay chat box, you can even ask questions and answer your desired question. Irrelevant questions about stream or about you and your personal preferences.

You can go one step further by greeting new and recurring Prime members or paying members with a song or a simple scream or even asking if you want to participate. Viewers will appreciate the efforts of very much to help you if your viewing experience is interrupted by problems such as buffers and stuttering.

In this way you can quickly build a followers community that looks forward to your next sessions if you know that you will spend time with you.

5. Set a clear schedule and stick to it

This tip applies to almost every online company where you want to increase the image. For example, if you carry out a blog, you must set times for the publication of new messages. If you have a YouTube or tap channel, you have to upload new videos every week. You must also plans your contributions for social media to appear at the same times of the week if you want to build a strong team of dedicated followers.

Your first streams may not receive many views, but they must gradually increase the number. In the meantime you want to keep the few subscribers. You must know that you can trust you and that it is worth taking time for future streams every week.

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