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It’s a boring morning. You’re tired after class, and all you aim to do is curl up with a movie on Netflix and a bowl of popcorn. However, you must study, and you know it. It’s simply that you don’t feel like it.

You start typing on Chicago’s eminent assignment help forums, “How to avoid procrastination and build the motivation to get started?”

Well, you don’t need to go far and wide to get an answer to this question. Here, we will walk you through certain strategies to study effectively at home or any place. Ensure to incorporate them as a part of your daily study routine to use your study time effectively and keep your learning ahead of the rest.

Let’s dive right in!

Write Down Your Goal On The Calendar

According to the best minds associated with assignment help Houston services in Chicago or New York, one of the best ways to boost your internal motivation is to create an external motivation- the target date. Regardless of whatever you’re trying to achieve, put it on the calendar. You may work toward an objective with a set finish date built in.

If your goal lacks this structure, you can add it by figuring out a date by which you could achieve this goal realistically.

Begin Small

Getting started is often the most challenging part of low-motivation words. And, beginning becomes easier when the task is small. Try to invest five minutes in studying or putting on your workout clothes.

These seemingly small actions can easily prime your mind for the task at hand so the follow-through, a longer study session can occur more naturally with less mental resistance.

Set Small Objectives

Do you know who your greatest competitor is? It’s no one else than you. Try to set a healthy competition with yourself to stay energized during your study hours. If you got 60 on your last test, work hard to score 80 this time. This is how you can stay focused on your studies without being demotivated.

Get Lost In Music

Try to plug in your favorite music and let the beat of the music keep your study session strong. Putting in headphones can help with this too. While writing your assignments or studying, you can hear your friends talking about an exciting event or your siblings fighting in the next room. However, popping on some headphones can let you forget all those distractions and focus on whatever you need to do.

Reward Yourself

Every time you check off one of your study objectives or make a breakthrough on a challenging subject, ensure to reward yourself! Make sure to get yourself anything from a pizza to a doughnut based on the goal.

It can be truly disheartening when you work incredibly hard on something and feel like no one appreciates all of your hard labor. Further, rewarding yourself with a coffee date or a trip to a 10-dollar movie can be an outstanding way to show you some love.

Begin With Something Easy

Studying is not only incredibly hard but also excessively boring. That’s exactly why you procrastinate doing it. Hence, begin with going over terms you already know well or completing an easy task like organizing note cards. These simpler tasks can offer you the momentum you need to keep going. It will also give you confidence if you’re putting off studying.

With the countless tips and strategies mentioned above, there’s bound to be at least one that will work for you. Implement a few of them and see if they make a difference. Also, remember many of these strategies work well together. Read Also – Sharpen Your Listening Skills for the IELTS Test

Recall your purpose

Reminding yourself of why you’re studying can be an excellent way to restore your motivation. Consider why you chose your course in the first place, and take a step back and review your long-term goals and what you intend to achieve as a result of your studies. Write the reasons down on a piece of paper and pin them up on the wall. Whether it’s getting good marks, learning about a field, or becoming qualified for a chosen career pathway, your goals can drive you to persist in your academic work.

It’s also useful to consider the type of motivation behind your goals. For example, you might be more easily driven by positive motivations like learning for its own sake or achieving good grades so you can eventually secure a good job. Also, focus on what you like about each course and subject, whether it’s research, writing, or sharing ideas with other students. This can help you stay engaged.


Are you stuck with writing assignments when the deadline is approaching but not finding enough motivation to study? Well, it is nothing strange as almost every student faces it now or then. Read on to explore certain fun yet effective study motivation strategies that can help you get to it and even make it more bearable.

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