Abusive Og Strain

Abusive OG Strain:

Abusive Og Strain is a 100% Indica-dominant cannabis strain that is potent and hard-hitting. THC concentrations can reach astoundingly high percentages. You can anticipate between 14 to 32% THC with Abusive OG, though these numbers are known to vary depending on who is cultivating this wonderful strain. Abusive OG Online works well to create extracts, oils, tinctures, and edibles due of the extraordinarily high THC content. The flavor profile is exactly what you would anticipate from anything bearing the OG moniker.

A deep, skunky, pungent aftertaste follows an earthy, pine-like scent in the nose. Customers all over the world claim that this strain is excellent for treating a variety of conditions, including depression, anxiety, pain, insomnia, migraines, loss of appetite, and more. The experience is quite euphoric and laid-back, and it will gradually make you feel drowsy and inspired. You might give some Abusive OG a shot if you’re seeking for a fantastic way to start your day.


Medical marijuana comes in a variety of strains that can be used to treat a variety of conditions. But for specific diseases, some strains are more effective than others. The potent hybrid strain Abusive OG, which has a high Indica predominance, is well renowned for its ability to ease pain. There are several drawbacks to be aware of before taking this strain, despite the fact that it might be advantageous for some people. To begin with, the potent Abusive OG strain.

It has a lot of THC in it, which some individuals could find overwhelming. Unless you have never smoked marijuana before or have a low tolerance to THC, this strain probably isn’t the best choice for you. The Abusive OG strain’s sedative effects also include couch lock. This means that unless you have to be active or productive during the day, it might not be the best option. Last but not least, this strain is not advised for people who are prone to anxiety or paranoia because it can increase the symptoms of those diseases.

Levels of CBD And THC:

THC and CBD concentrations in cannabis strains are often misunderstood. The psychoactive component of cannabis, THC, makes users feel high, whereas CBD, a non-psychoactive component, is believed to offer therapeutic benefits. But there are a number of bodily interactions that THC and CBD can have. A cannabis strain’s THC content determines how psychoactive it is. With more THC present, the strain will be more powerful.

Cannabis strains with lower levels of THC are usually use for therapeutic purposes, whilst those with higher levels of THC are typically use for recreational ones. The CBD level of a specific Cannabis strain can also be impact by the plant’s genetics. But unlike THC, CBD doesn’t have any intoxication effects. Instead, it is think to have a number of positive health effects, such as easing anxiety and reducing discomfort.

Effects And Typical Use of Abusive OG Strain:

It has a flavor that is strongly peppery, slightly earthy, and lemon-sweet. This well-known indica strain calms you from head to toe and treats anxiety, tension, restlessness, and insomnia. Inappropriate use can have negative side effects such paranoia, moderate vertigo, headaches, and mouth and eye dryness. Abusive OG is appropriate for daytime use because it has less sedative effects. Because it contains terpenes like Linoleel, the strain has a stronger brain depressant effect, making it a great option for immediate relief.

Expanding Knowledge on The Abusive OG Weed Strain:

A powerful pine aroma that fills the space when the buds are ground serves as the initial catalyst for ensuring a person’s warm and enjoyment. The Abusive OG strain is difficult to grow since it needs 66 days to blossom and prefers cooler climates.


Being a cut of OG Kush, it was only natural that the Abusive OG would smell similar. The earthy, skunky aroma with a hint of lemon should be recognize to people who are familiar with OG Kush.


It could have an earthy, skunk-like odor. But it doesn’t translate to their taste. The addition of a blend of lemon herbal tea gives Abusive OG a sweet and spicy flavor instead.

Maybe Relieve:

Due to the wide range of effects, abusive OG marijuana may be employee to manage an extensive variety of medical conditions, symptoms, and afflictions. Generally, those who struggle with stress, sadness, and insomnia are think to benefit from using abusive Drugs the most.

Negative Reaction:

The use of Abusive OG does not raise many safety issues. If one were to use too much, it does come with the typical dry mouth and eyes. Such is the cost of consuming marijuana, especially in excess. Note that even when taking moderately, these symptoms may still exist. Hence, drinking a lot of water is the best method to handle it or prevent experiencing it. Some people may experience a slight sense of vertigo as a result of the heavy body buzz it gives consumers. It’s a rare event, but if it does, it only lasts for a few minutes.


The master of the body buzz is Abusive OG. Moreover, it has certain analgesic qualities that are helpful for individuals with diseases. It is sought after because of its capacity to lessen pain. Moreover, it aids in lowering stress levels by causing physical relaxation. This might in some respects be advantageous for depressed patients. The potent Indica nearly always results in sleepiness. It is not the ideal strain to use in the morning because of this. Yet before calling it a day on a lazy day or in the evening, it makes a terrific companion.

Blooming Period:


Being an indica strain, we may anticipate it to flower soon. It turns out that abusive OG can actually be ready in as little as eight weeks. At this time, each square meter can provide a yield of around.


Beginners may grow Abusive OG outside more easily because it is resistant to mold and mildew. When September transitions into October, the plant ought to be mature. They all have a minimum yield of 8 ounces.

Calis Farm Offers Abusive OG Online For Sale:

Calis Farm is the greatest place to look for a top-notch, powerful OG strain. For calming down and reducing discomfort, try the indica-dominant hybrid Abusive OG. Beginners are not advise to use this potent strain because it contains up to 28% THC. But, Abusive OG, a potent strain, is suggest when you want to reduce your pain.

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