Dark Hawk Vape Pen: Design, Construction, Use And Effectiveness

dark hawk vape pen

Dark Hawk Vape Pen:

The dark hawk vape pen is a starting kit vaporizer that is used for vaping THC oils. The pen is a product of the well-known Dark Hawk Disposable Vape Business involved with many of the THC items in the vaping market for many years now. The release of disposable vape pens was a fantastic initiative for the company because it gets to fight against the many throwaway e-cigarettes that have crowded the market.

The pen has been widely accepted among many cannabis oil vape users, and it is even garnering greater recognition. The pen is readily available in internet sites that carry vape pens. You can also find them at physical retailers with Darkhawk merchandise on their shelves. The Darkhawk vape pen does not differ from its competitors because it uses the signature automatic-draw system that does not need any buttons to work.

All you are required to do is take a pull from the mouthpiece, and you are good to go. The pre-filled pods come in several varieties, and you can purchase them in either 1ml or 2ml pods, and you can get them in four flavors. You obtain THC levels ranging from 78% to 89%, which is the highest. The high levels are excellent for novices, while the lower levels are good for advanced vape users.

Dark Hawk Cartridge:

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Design And Manufacture of The Darkhawk Disposable Vape Pen:

The Darkhawk vape pen is a very lightweight device that you can simply carry in your pocket or hands. The pen can be equated to the size of a typical Juul pod, implying that its portability is not for a bargain. The full pod system weighs less than thirty grams so it may easily fit your backpack or shirt pocket.

The pen has a streamlined, compact form, and additionally, you get a smooth metal finish. The pods are of superior quality, with a mouthpiece affixed onto them. The pods are straightforward to use because they include a little window that lets you monitor the amount of liquid left in your device. In addition, the plastic build of the pods features distinctive packing with rubber seals that are effective for preventing leakages.

One element to marvel at on this pen is the magnetic connection function that holds the pods into position. The magnets on this pen are of exceptional quality, and they do a wonderful job holding together the pen components. This ensures that the item stays compact and it does not slip off even in unintentional falls.

Using The Darkhawk Disposable Vape Pen:

While ordering the Darkhawk vape pen, you will find that the package comes completely packed with the device and a charging wire. Nevertheless, the pods you get for your device will depend on the sort of package you select. They come in varieties of four or six pods which are categorised according on flavour.

The item comes with a fully charged battery, so you can start using the pen immediately after pulling it out of the packaging. To start, you will need to take away the rubber cover on the battery and enter your pod. Verify that you hear the click sound to ensure that your pod has precisely been insert in your pen.

When you need to swap your pods after one has been empty, you can accomplish this by taking off the pod and installing a new one. To do this, check that there are no liquid deposits in the connection to avoid slowing down the pen’s function. Sometimes the pods may be leakproof, but that does not offer a full guarantee that the liquids are entirely held in place.

Performance of The Darkhawk Disposable Vape Pen:

The vape pen offers one of the most suitable draw methods that feel like smoking a cigarette. The vapor created on this pen is really satisfactory, and you can feel the THC terpenes from the first vape. The 89% THC content is the most prominent flavor profile, and when you take the first draw, you can feel the scent rising from the mouthpiece.

One item to note is that the pen has a well-designed coil system that is quite quick in heating the components when you take a draw. You do not have to wait for the pen to heat up before you take a draw. You may also feel those air holes giving a tight draw anytime you inhale.

To get the most from these pods, you need to inhale many light puffs consecutively to get high. The vapor created from the mouthpiece is wonderful, and it can get warmer after the fourth puff. For folks who constantly seek a refined experience, the pen is the perfect solution.

Battery Performance of the Darkhawk Disposable Vape Pen:

The Darkhawk vape pen is pack with a 350mAh battery, and the pen can easily go through an entire pod without having a recharge. Considering how much you hit, you can go for a whole day or a half before you obtain a recharge. The higher THC content pods may need more electricity to run because of the viscosity of the oils.

To fully charge the pen, it will take roughly one and half hours, not the wrong time compared to other pens. Nevertheless, this being a disposable pen, it does not have any pass-through characteristics, so you cannot use it whilst it charges.

Pros And Downsides of the Darkhawk Disposable Vape Pen:


  • The pen is lightweight and small in design
  • The pen is uncomplicated to use
  • The building design and quality is great
  • The pen has pleasant and acceptable draws
  • You may acquire carried pod flavors for your pen
  • The holding capacity of the pods is advantageous
  • You Can track the liquid levels in your pod


  • The pen is  disposable, therefore it cannot be use for more extend durations
  • The cooling vapor is a loss for the pen
  • The magnetic connections get weaker, and the pods can fall off
  • The pen cannot be use while charging
  • It would be preferable if you had a bigger battery while trying to use more enormous pods

Alternate Disposable Vape:

The Upcott pod system is a simple and ingenious technology that saves you the unnecessary costs of buying Disposable E-Cigarettes. The pen provides you a good flavor at a very cheap price. Using this pen is akin to using three normal vape pens—considering that it is a 4.5ml fully compatible pod.

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