Do you want to write a strong research question but need more guidance? I can feel your burden. The research question at the master’s level is very important, and most students need proper support and knowledge. A strong research question always directs your research and keeps focus on the study. In this article, I will describe the definition of a research question, its importance and how to write it effectively.

What exactly is a Research Question?

A research question aims to find out the main purpose of the study. It follows a study that is relevant and supports all the queries that are researchable. It is a feasibility study that guides dissertation writing. Therefore, every dissertation needs a strong base from the research question.

It should be noted that there could be more than one research question. It depends upon the length of the dissertation, but all the research questions should circle a central research question.

How to write a Research Question?

A strong research question takes work to build in a day. It always needs support from experienced researchers and dissertation writers. As a PhD dissertation writing expert, I have learned how to write an effective and strong research question. Let’s dig into this topic more for better understanding.

Step 1: Always start with a broader topic

First of all, start your research study with a broader mindset. You can choose any topic that you are interested in. You can find the effect of smoking on the body’s physical health or the impact of climate change on agriculture production.

Step 2: Narrow down the topic

After the broad topic has been done, the next step is to narrow down the study feature. Make your study objectives clear and concise. It will help you focus on the research study’s impact and make it manageable for the dissertation writing. Instead of seeing the impact of smoking on the whole body, you can see the impact on respiration rate. And for climate change, you can see the impact of heavy rain on crop production.

Step 3:  Generate ideas for the research question

In the third step, you now have a clear topic for the master’s level study. It is time to make a strong research question that has the potential to make an impact on the whole study. Write down all the research questions that came up in your mind and make a list. Don’t worry about the silly or idol questions. All these questions will be refined later.

Step 4: Start evaluating

In the fourth step, see the supportive questions that can answer research queries. Think from a professional mind and see what questions are focused and what are impractical. To judge a strong research question, it is always supportive of the research study.

All these four steps will help you create a strong research question. You should also see past kinds of literature to make ideas for the strong research question.

What makes a strong Research Question?

Every research question focuses on a specific part of the research study. While you are looking for a research question, it should have the following features;

Feature 1: It should be focussed

A strong research question is not too broad or not too narrow—it is always focused and brief. Further, it should be answerable.

Feature 2: It is relevant to the research study

A strong research question is relevant to the main theme of the study. It should not follow a confusing pathway that is very difficult to justify.

Feature 3: It is original and purposeful

A good research question should be able to find new research queries for the study. It is always original in terms of study levels. It should be a different copy from the previous study.

Feature 4: It should be feasible and impactful

A strong research question is always managing the framework of your research study. So, it will be easy to write your master’s level dissertation within the time and resources available.

Feature 5: Important Issue

A strong research question focuses on a specific and important aspect of a research study.

Impact of using sub-questions to strengthen your main research question:

Divide the main research questions into sub-questions for a strong, impactful research study. It will help to give strong background support for the whole dissertation. The small and manageable research queries will make your mind focused and smooth for conducting a research study. Let’s see the impact of sub-questions on the main research question

Impact 1: More focused research

Sub-questions will make stronger evidence that provides a focused approach towards your study.

Impact 2: Proper guidance

Supportive trials follow every research study that needs a strong research question. For better support and guidance, divide all the research questions into small sub-questions to better understand the main issue of the study.

Impact 3: Improved framework

The research study needs an improved outline for the dissertation writing. All the writing process is completed considering the main research question in the mindset. Dividing the main research question into smaller sub-questions will help organise the whole data and outline the framework of the study.


A strong research question is a foundation of a successful dissertation. It provides proper guidance and support for the whole study. It is efficient enough to address significant problems for the study. Remember to evaluate the research question that is best fit for your dissertation. A strong research question means meaningful and impactful research. Following the guidelines mentioned above, you can create a strong and stronger research question that will help in increasing research impact.
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Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

What should be the length of a research question?

It should be a single sentence long, concise, and to the point. It should address the main issue of the study.

Can the research question be changed during the study?

Yes, you can change your research question during the study. But performing your study with expert support is better to create a strong research question and save time. A strong research question is focused and potentially impacts the whole study.

Can I consider my research question as a hypothesis?

No, a research question should not be a hypothesis. A hypothesis is a statement that draughts all the study parameters. At the same time, a research question guides your research and helps to develop a hypothesis.

Can I use a research question from the previous study?

You can use just a part of a research question from a previous study. It is important to ensure that past study is still relevant and feasible within the context of your research. However, if you are unsure about it, you must take help from a dissertation writing service.

How many research questions should be included in a master’s level dissertation?

The best research study should have one main research question that guides your dissertation. Furthermore, you can have sub-questions to strengthen your main research question.

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