Summary – How beneficial is it for you to work with a mortgage broker to crack the best deal for a mortgage loan? Find the benefits and disadvantages of employing a mortgage broker here.

We all know who an intermediary or a mediator is. A mortgage broker is just that! He is the best person potential homebuyers can depend on, save time, effort, and inconvenience, and find the best home loan in India.

When employing a mortgage broker, you should choose someone experienced and knowledgeable who can get you a home loan with better terms. Of course, this service comes with a fee, but it also saves you a lot of legwork.

Here we will look into the pros and cons of hiring a mortgage broker who can offer a wide range of lending options using their massive lender network.

Pros Of Hiring A Mortgage Broker

Here are the benefits of hiring a mortgage broker.

Can Help You Manage Fees

Since mortgage brokers are well-versed with most home loan providers, they may help you get a good deal on application fees, processing fees, appraisal fees, or any other charge the provider may have charged you otherwise.

So, this is a great way to compensate the broker commission for such charges.

Vast Network

The biggest advantage of hiring a mortgage broker is the massive network of financial institutions they work with, umpteen contacts with financial institutions, and experience in the home loan business.

Personalised Service

Since you will be working one-to-one with the mortgage broker, they would know what you want and expect – this could be regarding the tenure, EMI, interest rate, home loan rates in India, etc., you are looking for.

Accordingly, the brokers scrutinise their options, surf their network, and get you what you need.

Expertise and Experience

Mortgage brokers are professionals who have worked with several clients and are pros in their field of service. For a layman, it is beneficial to depend on someone who knows the mortgage world and can get you the best deal.

Since they have better access, they can also get discounted terms and conditions.

Saves Time and Effort

Of course, having someone doing the home loan research for you, getting you options, and working with the selected one is a blessing in disguise.

Mortgage brokers understand the mortgage market, know about prevailing home loan rates in India, and are willing to get you the best home loan in India.

Cons Of Hiring A Mortgage Broker

Here are the disadvantages.

The Service Come With A Fee

Hiring a mortgage broker saves you from the research, running around, and communicating with various home loan institutions, but this privilege comes with a charge.

You may have to add the cost of mortgage broker commission aside while calculating the costs of acquiring a home loan.

Indirect Communication With The Home Loan Provider

Working with a broker means having an indirect rapport or communication with the loan provider. The financial institution would know and comprehend whatever is percolated to them by the mortgage broker.

This can be a disadvantage as you won’t be able to dictate what you want directly.

Not All Financial Institutes Work With Brokers

Your mortgage broker may get you the best deal available, but do your homework and find out what options are available to him.

Not all top-notch financial institutes or lenders work with brokers, so you must be vigilant when employing one.

Limited Relationship

Once you pay the fee of the broker, the service ends there.

The mortgage broker may be unavailable if you are looking for post-loan services or resolutions to questions/concerns.


If you are looking for a personalised home loan option and don’t have the time or space to run around the loan market, it is highly recommended to get the professional services of a mortgage broker.

There are many advantages of hiring a mortgage broker, but you must look into the cons of working with one.

Be ready for the small fee that the broker would charge, and make sure you depend on someone credible and with rich experience working with potential home loan institutes.

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