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In a dynamic and agile working environment in the digital world, it is becoming increasingly important for people all over the world to network with each other via a videoconferencesystem. right now, during Corona.

Most of the time it is also important to be able to see the other person in order to fully understand them. The systems that are made available to them. Are as diverse as the areas of application.

1 What exactly is a video conferencing system?

A video conference enables simultaneous audio and visual communication between two or more people locate in different locations. A video conference extends a classic telephone conference with the visual element that distinguishes it from the visual representation of the discussion partners.


 In addition to extensive room systems, such as desktop systems or cloud-base services, there are currently cheaper options. But for this post, we mainly focus on the fully integrate room solutions that transform a regular meeting room into a virtual video conference room. The types of video conferencing systems are describe in the following sections.

1.1 What types of video conferencing equipment are available?

Since real-time data transmission is require for video conferences, a high-performance communication network with sufficient bandwidth should be use to transmit the data. In addition to the right connection, the implementation requires specialize rooms or other solutions. The four most common types of current video conferencing systems are as follows:


A description of the many video conferencing systems

system in one room

Professional room systems, often referre to as “all-in-one solutions”, are often use in larger companies. The transmission and reception technology in a conference room is designe in such a way that it meets all the specifications for interference-free audiovisual transmissions. Smaller systems (5 to 10 people) up to complete high-end solutions for many participants are available.

 computer specialist

In addition to job interviews, remote team meetings, customer encounters and sales talks or pitches are also common. Without the right technology, you run the risk of losing credibility with your counterpart and quickly getting lost in the tangle of discussions and images. I would like to offer you guidance and assistance on this website so that you are well prepare for your upcoming video conference.


What is a video conferencing system for?

The improvement over an audio conferencing system is a video conferencing system. As the name suggests, a video conference system enables the use of video conferences. It follows that you can have face-to-face conversations with anyone in the world. The clarity of a discourse is more important than its intensity. In a video conference, it’s much easier to gauge how the other person feels about you by the tone of voice, the rate of speaking, and the quality of pronunciation, which is hard to tell over the phone.


Now that I see the other person’s facial expressions in this situation, I can also tell whether they agree with me or seem disinterest. But a video conferencing system has other advantages. For example, I can give presentations and use visuals to capture the attention of conference participants. It is also conceivable, for example, to hold the product directly in front of the camera during a product presentation so that the participant on the other side of the globe can product can be seen in real time and in color. allows you to make a quick selection.

Systems for conferences or video conferences in one room:

Specially design for conference rooms, these systems consist of a camera, an audio system and an output device (often a television or large screen). The size of the systems can be adjust to the size of the room. The video conferencing software is use either on the user’s personal computer or a PC connect to the system. Different vendors have create unique systems and devices that work best in small or large spaces. Here’s a roundup of the best video conferencing systems for large rooms, and here’s one for small rooms. In addition, there are portable systems that can be move from one conference room to another.

System for video conferencing and projection

You can view recordings from a video conference in a number of ways. Versatile video conferencing systems with projectors are available for large rooms. On the one hand, since there is no television installe in the room, offline conferences can be held there with an oval table. You can make spaces more adaptable by using a projector and flexible screen. The camera needs to be install on the ceiling for the video conferencing system to work together.

Which stores sell video conferencing equipment?

 It is important to consider where to get a video conferencing system after making your choice. However, the time and patience to research the best deal and see if the system you want is even available are definitely not traits you possess. It’s possible that your company has purchasing policies that prevent you from placing an order with a major online retailer like itplatz

 In the following guide you will learn what a video conferencing system is, what options are already available on the market and what factors need to be consider when choosing a provider.


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