Use of shape and color.

  • Use of shape and color.
  • Use of shape and color to create custom logo designs that is friendly, professional and memorable.

Tip 1: Shape & Color

Use shapes or lines to convey your message effectively in the design of your logo. Generally, there are four types of shapes that can be used in logos. Geometric shapes; naturalistic-organic forms. Abstract designs (also known as non-representational) and pictorial marks or designs with no specific meaning behind them at all!

Using bold shapes.

Bold shapes are a great way to draw attention to the logo and its meaning. They can be used in many different ways:

  • To highlight a company name, such as “ZIP” or “BAT.”
  • To highlight a product line, such as “Apple” or “Samsung.”
  • To highlight service offerings such as “Uber,” which is an app for hailing rides. (and was recently acquired by Daimler AG).
  • And even if you’re not sure what your business does yet think about how you’d like. People remember your company when they see it on TV or hear about it at trade shows?

Using white space.

White space is the key to creating a logo that’s both unique and memorable. It can give your design an airy, open feel, or it can create a sense of warmth and friendliness. The choice is yours!

You may think white space would be boring in a logo, but it actually has. Some powerful effects on how you perceive your brand:

  • White space brings focus back to content; it allows us to see what matters most (the words). This makes our brains process information faster than if there were no white space at all—which means we’ll have more time for other tasks like reading text or watching video clips before we move on with something else (like editing photos).
  • When used sparingly throughout an image or video clip, white space helps maintain its clarity by keeping things from getting too busy around them so people don’t lose track of which parts are supposed to stand out from each other.*

Using other visual elements.

You can use color to make a logo stand out. Colors are the most important element of any design and you should consider using them in your logo design. The color that you choose for your logo will affect how it is perceived by others, so it’s important that you choose something that reflects who you are.

You can also use text on your logo if it adds some extra value or meaning to the logo itself. Text is great because it allows people who don’t know what they’re looking at yet still gets their attention right away!

How to incorporate text in a logo.

Text is a great way to make your logo more friendly and professional, while also making it more unique and memorable. If you’re looking for a design that’s both simple enough to be understood by people who don’t know what logos are and creative enough to stand out from the crowd, then text might be just what you need.

Here are some tips for incorporating text in your logo:

  • Use words rather than symbols (or other images). This will help keep the design simple and easy-to-read without sacrificing its appeal. You can use any word or phrase—from “coffee” or “chili” to names like Pepsi—but keep in mind that certain words have negative connotations if they’re used too much; try choosing something neutral so that no one gets offended by using your name as an adjective! For example: instead of writing “Coffee Company,” write “Coffee Shop.” It may sound silly now but think how much better off everyone would be if they had a place where they could go get their daily dose of caffeine!

Placement of text in the logo.

If you’re creating a logo for use as a greeting card, it’s important to consider the placement of text. You should also think about how your customers will see the logo when they receive it. If you’re creating a business card or poster, would they be able to read all of the information on one side? Can we make sure that there are no spaces between letters or words? Are there any important elements at the bottom that need to be hidden by our text? Are they going to be able to read what I’ve written in front of their face while they’re driving on their way home from work every day?

Consider what you can do with the letters in your font.

The letters in your font can be used in many ways. They can be friendly and approachable, they can create a message, or they may even become part of the name of your brand or logo. For example:

  • You could use them to spell out a word (like “Hello World!”).
  • You could use them to form an acronym for something that’s easier than saying it out loud—like “HELP YR CUSTOMER!!” (in which case you’d also want to make sure that this acronym is easy enough not only for you but also for people with hearing impairments.)
  • Or maybe you want your logo just plain old text? That works too! Just don’t forget about what kind of mood and feel you’re going after with these letters: if they’re too cute or playful then readers won’t take them seriously—and if they look too serious then readers might get bored before reading all the way through your design plan…

There are many ways to create a great logo, but knowing how to do it is the first step

  • Know the basics of custom logo As a beginner, it’s important to know what you want your logo to be before starting on your project.
  • Understand color theory and how colors can influence how people perceive brands and products.
  • Learn how different fonts are used in business logos, particularly serifs (the small strokes at the end of letters).
  • Learn about typefaces that have been used for centuries for large corporations, like Helvetica or Gill Sans; these days, there are many options available online or at affordable price points!

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